SP Group is a center of research and development and has been involved in sectors such as aviation, automotive, aerospace, defence and medical.



Anadiaplasi is the design from scratch of products & parts which have unique characteristics and can perform for the purpose of which they are called to serve. This parametric design method combines the use of special metals and composites with 3D printing. This is likely the most sustainable production method as through the elliptical design and the use of plexus products are formed with the lowest possible weight (less use of material) and the absolute performance mainly in resistance to pressures and temperatures.



The invention of Anadiaplasi and the fast growing 3d printing industry, led to the introduction of a new category of ultracars with unique characteristics and performance.


EVs & Hydrogen

EVs and hydrogen is a fast developing global infrastructure network with huge amounts of funds spent on RnD. Urban living needs and the call for greener solutions in e-mobility leads the market to shift to hydrogen as the most sustainable mobility solution as it combines performance and autonomy.



Research and development of innovative anadiaplasi drones, the most durable and high performance drones of defensive equipment is the future.